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Ancel HD601 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader

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Ancel HD601 Diesel Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Scanner OBD2 Car Code Reader Tool

The Ancel HD601 heavy duty truck scanner is a handheld diesel diagnostic tool for most American trucks. It can quickly and easily access the vehicle’s ECU (electronic control units) and sensors. Designed for professional mechanics, home-use customers, beginners, DIYers. Perform all systems auto scan for most American commercial vehicles, capable of in-depth diagnosis of Engine, Transmission, ABS, SRS, TPMS, CAS, CBS, ADS, ECM, DME/DDE, EGS, Battery, Headlight, Air Conditioner, Video. It supports trucks engine diagnostics, namely: read codes, clear codes, vehicle information’s, view freeze frame, DTC look-up. Comes with lifetime free updates and in fact, our technical team is constantly updating its database and software.

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Ancel HD601 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader

Ancel HD601 Main Feature:

  1. Broad Compatibility: Supports most major truck models that comply with standard protocols (SAE J1939, SAE J1708, ISO 14230-4, ISO 15764-4 and ISO 9141-2, ISO 27145-4 and Euro6). Namely: Cummins, Paccar, Detroit, Perkins, Freightliner, International, Peterbilt, Ford duty trucks and so on. It can also check engine diagnosis on most cars, minivans and light trucks from 1996 and latest.
  2. Full Systems Diagnosis: Supports all system scans of heavy trucks compliant with standard protocols SAE J1939 and SAE J1708, namely: Engine, ABS, Transmission, Braking System, ESP, EPS, Fuel System and etc, is a great scan tool for Cummins, Caterpillar, Detroit, Perkins, Maxxforce, Bendix Wabash, Wabaco, Haldex, Allison, Eaton heavy trucks. With this truck tool, you can get deep analysis data about the systems.
  3. Professional Diesel OBD Scanner: Supports the latest ISO27145 and Euro6 protocols, enabling diagnosis of heavy trucks engine. In addition to reading codes, clearing codes and viewing live data in a text or graphic format for trucks, retrieve vehicle information, view freeze frames, and look up DTCs; Moreover to ensure this device will work with various engines, it comes with various 6pin, 9pin, and 16pin cables.
  4. DTC Library + Free Update: Built-in DTC library allows you to retrieve the codes directly without searching for the definition in the book. Lifetime free internet update’s via Official Website: http://www.Anceltech.Com/  so you always have the latest software for diagnostics in English and Spanish languages.
  5. Easy to Use: This scanner is plug and play, simple and convenient and very friendly for beginners. Features improved keys for easy menu navigation. The excellent 2.8 inch LCD color screen makes it easy to view the displayed results and gives a better overview of your trucks problem areas and the identified codes.

Kind Reminder:

  1. Please check your truck information’s to make sure your truck ECU complies with protocol standard SAE J1939, SAE J1708, ISO 14230-4, ISO 15764-4 and ISO 9141-2, ISO 27145-4.
  2. If your vehicle is a heavy-duty truck, please select the “HD OBD” menu and press Enter (or press F1) to access the HD OBD diagnostic page; If your vehicle is a car, mini truck, SUV, or other light duty vehicles, please select the “WWH-OBD” menu and press Enter (or press F2) to access the WWH-OBD diagnostic page.
  3. Please let me know if you are not sure whether this scanner is compatible with your truck or not.

Ancel HD601 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader Functions

All-system Diagnostic Scan Tool for heavy duty trucks:

HD601 diesel scanner tool can do a full Systems diagnostic on most American trucks, included Engine, Transmission, Body Controller, Chassis Control, Cruise Control, ABS, Instrument Cluster, Gateway etc.

  • Engine System: It supports 6 modes OBDII functions. Easily identify car problems and turn off engine lights. Help you pass emissions test and keep your car in best condition. Save gas and improve performance.
  • Transmission System: Transmission problems become a big hassle. That’s because most trouble codes come from your truck’s transmission. With a transmission diagnostic tool, you can get a fault code if there is one.
  • SRS System: SRS light is on, it means that the Airbag control unit detects an malfunction in the system.
  • ABS System: ABS automatically controls the braking force of the brake when the car brakes, so that the wheels do not lock and enter the state of edge rolling slip to ensure the maximum grip between wheels and ground.
  • TPMS System: HD601 supports reading and clearing the codes so as to turn off the TPMS warning light. TPMS is used to monitor the real-time pressure of tires during driving, and alert when bleeding or low pressure is detected to protect your safety.
  • DPF System: HD601 can retrieve/clear DPF related codes so that you can find problems in time.
  • Oil System: Reset the system oil changed so it can calculate when the next oil change is needed.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Scanner:

HD601 diagnostic scanner is exclusive for most American heavy-duty trucks, enthusiasts, DIYers, independent repairs, specialized garages and technicians. It is a professional car scanner worth having.

HD OBD Functions:

  • Read fault codes
  • Clear fault codes
  • Show Freeze Frame data – Snapshot of the data captured by an electrical sensor almost immediately after the sensor is detected.
  • Read and display Live Data in graph
  • Read ECU Information

Ancel HD601 Reliable Features:

  • CPU: 100MHz
  • Display 2.8 inch LCD
  • Flash: 8M
  • Diagnostic Interface: Main line OBDII and Transfer line Diesel-6/9
  • Work Voltage: DC 9V~36V
  • Work Temperature: -20℃~65℃.

Ancel HD601 Package List:

  • HD601 Main Unit.
  • 6/9-Pin Diesel OBD Cable.
  • User’s Manual.
  • Carton Box.

Ancel HD601 Heavy Duty Truck Code Reader package List

Dimensions27 × 19 × 7 cm