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XTuner PT101 12V/24V Power Probe Circuit Tester


XTuner PT101 12V/24V Power Probe Circuit Tester DC/AC Electrical System Diagnostic Tool Voltage Current Test Car battery Tester

The XTuner PT101 Circuit Tester works as an Avometer, test light, built-in flashlight, short circuit indicator, relay/component tester, continuity tester and bad ground indicator. It provides great simplicity for users to check circuitry condition.

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XTUNER PT101 12V/24V Power Probe Circuit Tester


  • Protection design for safety.
  • Circuit tester with multi-function.
  • Four diagnostic modes for 12v and 24v.
  • Support multiple vehicles and after-sales warranty.
  • Large and colorful LCD screen, easy to navigate the user menu.
  • Supply power and ground for functional component test.
  • AC-RMS, AC Peak to peak, frequency and pulse width for signal test.
  • Digital voltmeter with min/max voltage capturing.
  • Displays up to 60 volts and resolution of 0.01 volt.
  • 8 amp circuit breaker protection, automatically reset, no button to push.
  • Ergonomic housing design with rugged and water resistant specification.

  • Support 5 testing modes for 12V-24V for read voltage, current, resistance, diode by the fingertip.
  • Elegant streamline design with smooth texture adapted to users’ preferences.
  • Large color LCD screen display with simple operation menu, easy to use.
  • Automatically reset, no need to push button manually.
  • Automatically circuit protection up to 8 Amp.
  • Can test resistance up to 10KMΩ, extend accessibility.
  • Supplies power and ground for all functional component testing.
  • Display digital Voltmeter with Min/Max Voltage.
  • Supports power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, continuity testing and components activation.
  • Check positive, negative and open circuits and bad ground contacts immediately.
  • Built-in Flashlight help users work well in dark environments.
  • equipped with 20ft (extendable) cable which offer better testable space.
  • More functions and more stable for your use.

XTUNER PT101 12V/24V Power Probe Circuit Tester Multi Functions Tests


DC Voltage Range:0-40V
Resistance Range:0 Ohms to IM Ohms
Rating Current:1-8Amp
Frequency Response Of Tone:40Hz to 20KHz
Test Standard:-100% current: Hold > I hour
-500% current: trip in one hour
-200% current: trip in 3-30 seconds
-300% cur re nt: trip in 0.5—4.0 seconds

XTuner PT101 Package includes:

  • User Manual.
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter.
  • Battery Hookup Clips.
  • Probe Tip.
  • Extension Cable(20 ft)
  • Rugged Molded Case.
  • Power Assist Cable.

XTUNER PT101 12V/24V Power Probe Circuit Tester Package List

Weight2 kg
Dimensions35 × 25 × 10 cm