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Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer Tool For BMW Series


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Original Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer Master Basic Seamless Module For BMW Series

The Yanhua Mini ACDP key programmer tool is designed for programming modules on BMW, MB, Audi, etc. The programming can be done without welding but with security. This is a basic module, if you buy the other adapters with authorization, it will support the programming of keys CAS3 / CAS3 + / CAS4 / CAS4 + / FEM / BDC (key added / All lost keys) without welding / welding. Support the reading and writing of the ISN code.

Original Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer Master Seamless

  • Tesla: NO need for.
  • YANHUA engines : Key programming – No need for soldering iron.
  • Locksmith: no more need for welding work.
  • Programming: no need to solder.
  • no need to remove the chip.
  • Don’t need to solder.
  • no need to cut the line.
  • no need to lift the pin.
  • All about Yanhua Mini Acdp Master Programming (Function, Functionality, Setup, Fag – All Tips)

ACDP Does Porsche BCM Advantages:

  1. Free disassembly, seamless. No need to remove components, no need to cut the line, no risk of damaging the BCM computer board.
  2. Set anti-theft data reading and writing, antitheft data calculation, key programming in one.
  3. The interface board replaces the welding wire, the pin connects with intelligent detection and the reading and writing of the data is secure and reliable.
  4. With the key update function, worry no more about the losses caused by the key.

Yanhua Mini ACDP Basic Module supports CPU read and write only. You can buy the other following modules


ACDP Programmer Basic Module 93/24/25/35/95 EEPROM series in circuit programming (ICP);
OnBoard programming (OBP) and parts of Freescale / NEC MCU in circuit programming (ICP);
This module is a basic configuration needed for other modules


BMW module CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3 + CAS4 CAS4 + IMMO key programming and
reset of the kilometer
CAS1 – CAS3 +: programming the key IMMO by OBD or ICP mode, reset mileage, read / write EEPROM and FLASH data;
CAS4 / CAS4 +: programming of IMMO keys in circuit programming (ICP), reset of mileage, read / write EEPROM and FLASH data


BMW FEM / BDC module supports IMMO key programming, trip reset, module recovery, data backup FEM / BDC: programming the IMMO key by ICP or OBP mode, resetting the mileage, retrieving / saving data


Reading BMW DME ISN Code by OBD Module N20 / N55 / N13: read / write ISN codes via OBD;
MSV80 / MSD85: read / write ISN codes without opening the DME shell;
Other DME types: read / write ISN codes by opening the DME shell


BMW 35080, 35160DO WT EEPROM Reading Writing Module 080DOWQ / T, 160DOWQ / T EEPROM: clears or adjusts mileages


Fujitsu CPU MB91F Reading Writing Module Fujitsu CPU MB91F (Honda Fit, KIA K3 / K5, Sonata 9, etc.): adjusts the mileages


MQB / MMC Instrument Module


VW MQB platform: VDO parts of the mileage setting via OBD;
Passat MMC (NEC D70F3525 + 95320) instrument: mileage adjustment for models after 2015 by ICP mode;


Refresh BMW Module key BMW E chassis / F chassis: update the keys to make BMW keys can be used repeatedly;


FRM module (FRM Footwell module) BMW FRM module (FRM Footwell module) 0L15Y chip EEPROM / FLASH: read / write data;
3M25J EEPROM chip / D-FLASH / P-FLASH: read / write data


Land Rover Module9 Land Rover Module9 for Yanhua Mini ACDP, authorizations with adapters. Support the KVM from 2014 to 2018, work on both the add key and the loss of all keys


Porsche BCM Key Programming Module Porsche BCM key programming module for the new Porsche 2010, Added Key and All Keys Lost Media Key Removal

You can check the functions you need matching the 

BMW module : CAS4 / FEM / BDC / 16ODOWT 

Programming with security: (No need to solder anything)
WIFI connection Free connection

  1. Reverse the traditional work mode – Only one operation is transformed into team cooperation
  2. Change the operating mode – the operation of the computer is changed to the operation of the mobile phone
  3. To Change the test connection mode – The electric soldering iron is replaced by a connector dedicated seamless.
  4. Change artificial observation to intelligent monitoring Artificial observation / testing is changed to automatic detection algorithm, grap hical in dication reliability of the connection. Make sure the data is not damned and lost
  5. Change service mode – Offline service is replaced by


online synchronous service / mileage program No need to remove chip No need to weld 

ACDP Functions : 

1. Memory program:

93/24/25/35/95 serial EEPROM support in ICP and onboard programming (OBP) and Freescale / NEC MCU parts in circuit programming (ICP).

2. BMW module programming:

(1) Support cas1-cas4 + and key programming IMMO FEM / BDC, reset mileage, program recovery.

(2) Reading of the BMW ECU data and reading of the ISN code

3. Programming of the VW module:  MMC instrument

4. The mileage of the instrument and the reset / maintenance of the airbag ECU are in progress of development.
5. BENZ. BMW Audi and various models are updated successively

ACDP Feature:

Change of operating mode:
The operation of the computer is replaced by that of the mobile phone

Changing the test connection mode:
The electric soldering iron is replaced by a connector dedicated seamless

Moving from artificial observation to intelligent monitoring:
The observation / artificial test is changed to automatic detection algorithm, the graphic indication the reliability of the connection. Make sure the data is not damaged and lost

Change of service mode:
The offline service is replaced by the online synchronous service ICP: Programming of the memory and the microcontroller in the circuits Programming of microcontrollers in the ACDP circuits Configuration : SK247 ACDP Programmer SK247-1 Module BMW CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3 + CAS4 CAS4 + IMMO Key programming and reset of mileage SK247-2  BMW FEM / BDC Module

SK247-3 Reading BMW DME ISN Code per OBD Module SK247-4 BMW 35080, 35160DO WT EEPROM Read Write Module SK247-5 Fujitsu CPU MB91F Read Write Module SK247-6 MQB / MMC Instrument Module SK247-7 Update Key BMW Module SK247- 8 FRM Footwell ACDP configuration list module : Yanhua mini ACDP does not support Bluetooth connection, because the Bluetooth connection requires a close distance. When the device and the mobile phone leave a certain distance, Bluetooth will be disconnected. If you read data, there is a risk, so we do not do this Bluetooth function.

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 11 cm
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